The Colorful Side of Seoul


Since the Instagram days, street art is become more happening. Lot of people took pictures in the side of the street and the result is surprisingly nice and artsy. When I went to Seoul, South Korea, I need to find some places to take an arsty picture, so I could upload them in my Instagram feed.

Ihwa Mural Village

I’ve been searching for the artsy places in the Seoul and found this really unique village called Ihwa Mural Village. From the name, you could tell that this village is full of mural art. So, it’s a perfect place to stroll around and took some pictures for your Instagram.

If you want to go to Ihwa Mural Village, take the subway line 4 and get off in the Hyehwa Station and take exit 4. From there, just take a look at the direction sign, because it really explained a lot. The area was really vibrant and artsy because of the buildings. To reach the village, you have to take some walk and it was exhausting, because the village contour is hilly.


Since it located a bit uphill in Naksan, you will get to see the panoramic view of the city. The locals also know how to make money of it. No, not from set an admission fee, but from selling a lot of cute stuffs (they do sell organic scented soap!) and open some cafes.



I stroll around the village for about 1.5 hours and took a lot of picture, here and there. There are approx 60 mural painted all over the village. I took pictures with a giraffe, a cute blue door, fishes, flowers, and angel wings. Some mural also come in 3D graphic, so the picture looks real! I really enjoyed strolling around the Ihwa Mural Village, because the village was quiet yet vibrant, modern yet still preserved their traditional side.




NSeoul Tower

After spent a good 1,5 hours in the cute Ihwa Mural Village, I decided to visit The Namsan Tower or famously known as N Seoul Tower. I took Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus from Itaewon area, because I ate my lunch there. I really forget the bus number, but there are only few buses serves for the N Seoul Tower.

After get off from the bus, I need to climb a little bit, since N Seoul Tower located uphill. N Seoul Tower is the highest point in Seoul. If you want to see the bird’s eye view of the city, you could go to the observatory deck. But I didn’t, because it was a little bit pricey, around 10.000 KRW. So, when I was there, I just strolled and took a picture around the Love-lock area. I didn’t buy the lock, since I don’t have any partner name to be locked (sigh) and the padlock was also pricey.



Surprisingly when I was took a picture in the love-lock area, there was this crowd. People was screaming and took picture of this group of boys. I assumed that they were Korean artist who was filming around the area. But I didn’t really know them, so I didn’t really excited. But my Mom, was really excited and succesfully took picture with them.



If you visit the N Seoul Tower in another season, besides winter, I suggest you to try the ice cream and churros. I read a lot of comments about how delicious those dishes. Unfortunately, I visited in winter, so eat an ice cream isn’t really an option.

When I have another opportunity to visit Seoul, I think I have to explore more vibrant and edgy area, such as Hongdae, Ewha Woman’s Univ, and Insadong. So, if you have an artsy side, Seoul is a perfect place for you!



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