Review: The Westin Hotel, Jakarta


One weekend, me and my family decided to stay at The Westin Jakarta, because my cousin was getting married there. She opened us a room so we could stay the night before the wedding. I was so eager to spend the night in Westin because it was a brand new hotel. Everything new is always nice, right?

The hotel is built in the Gama Tower. So, all the guest have to take the access from The Gama Tower lobby and take the Westin lift to their sky lobby in 52nd floor. The sky lobby was stunning with big panoramic window, beautiful  classic furniture, and high ceilings. Since, I got the room in 56th floor, I have to take another lift.


I entered the room at night, so the lightning was dim. But, there was a big window overlooking the city if you want more sunlight in the morning. The room was really spacious. The room was dominated with earth tone color of brown and cream. In the side of the door, there was a closet. Not really big, but I think it was enough for our stuff. There was also an iron and the board in the built in closet. You just have to pull it and there you go, an iron board. I think that was a plus point! Because I have to attend the wedding the next day, so my outfit need to be ironed.



The bathroom was big with bath tub, shower room, and toilet. All separated with a thick glass door. The bathroom also have a big see through window, so everyone in the room will get to see you in the bathroom. But don’t worry because you could turn down the sheer cover anytime.




The bathroom is also equipped with complete amenities (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, shower cap, tooth brush, mouthwash, you name it all). All the amenities was fragrant white tea bath, the Westin signature’s. I personally think that the scent and textures isn’t like any other hotel amenities. Westin’s was rich with bubbles and foam. They also equipped the bathroom with hair dryer, bath robe, and weight scales, in case you wanna check your weight.



There was two bed in the bedroom. For a single bed, I think it was big. The bed was really comfortable with three pillow in each bed. Just like any other hotel, the bedside table is equipped with a phone, digital clock, reading light, and light panel. The flat screen TV is on the wall in front of the bed, with a cabinet underneath it. You could find a coffee maker, glasses, and complimentary TWG tea and Illy coffee in that cabinet. Inside the drawer, you could find a mini bar, a mini refrigerator, and other glasses, including wine glasses.



In front the big window, there was a lazy chair and a coffee table with complimentary green apple. Next to it, there was a suite desk with table desk and phone and ergonomic cozy desk chair, of course. There was also a complimentary high speed internet access in the room, so I chose to worked that night.


For breakfast, the guests can have it in their Seasonal Tastes restaurant located in 52nd floor. The breakfast time is between 6 am – 10 am. The restaurant itself was very big. I think their concept was open kitchen, because you could see the cooker interactively making the foods in front of you. As you eat, you will also get to see Jakarta skyline from its big glass window.

As for the food, there was so many food varieties to choose. From Western, Indian, Asian, Mediterranean, and Indonesian. That was so much selection for a breakfast. I, myself chose to ate their dimsum, nasi uduk, and American breakfast. For the tastes, I think it wasn’t really special for such a five stars hotel.

Overall, I really liked to spend a night in The Westin Hotel, Jakarta. Too bad we only stay for one night. I hope to visit The Westin Jakarta again sometimes.

PS: sorry for the bad quality pictures. I wasn’t bring my camera, so I had to take photos with my phone.



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