Short Gateway in Malang: Museum Tubuh and Museum Angkut


Last September, my cousin was having a wedding reception in Surabaya, East Java. Even though it was out of town, I decided to came because I was so tired at work and needed some time away. I asked for two days off, then flew to Surabaya. The wedding was held at Thursday, so I had 3 days to spare before going back to reality. We decided to go to Batu, Malang.

We (me and my parents) went to Malang on Friday afternoon and arrived around 5 pm. After reached Batu, I immediately open pegipegi on my phone browser, because I haven’t book a room yet. I really like to use everywhere I went travel, because the hotel price was cheaper compare to others (beside, you could also get a cash reward!). You could find so many hotels in just one two tap. After browsing around, I chose to stay in Kartika Wijaya Heritage Hotel.

The hotel was located in the main road, so it was really easy to go anywhere. The hotel itself brings a combination of traditional and modern designs for the exterior and interior. My mom was so happy to stay at this hotel because she likes anything historical and heritage. For me, the hotel was so so, because the interior seems dull due to its age. But, I like the lobby area because it was so cozy with a cute sofa in front of the lobby. I also like the pool area, it was so serene, especially at night.



The Bagong Adventure – Museum Tubuh: Interactive and Educating!

After loaded in our baggage into the room, we decided to go to The Bagong Adventure – Museum Tubuh. I was so curious about the museum, because I heard that the museum was interactive and fun. This museum is the first anatomy museum in Indonesia and the largest in Asia. The building is really unique, which shaped as Bagong’s body. The admission ticket is 40.000 for weekday and 60.000 for weekend. I think the ticket price wasn’t really pricey because the price include free standard medical check up!


The museum was divided to around 16 zones. Each zone represent a part of the body, such as teeth, nose, eyes, heart, etc. All the zones was facilitated with interactive multimedia facilities. Learning has never been so much fun like this! There were also a guide in each zone which always ready to explain about the human anatomical part.


After strolling around the human’s body, we reached the medical check up zone. There were a cholesterol test, blood sugar test, blood pressure test, eye test, etc. All for free! There was also an exhibition room in the museum, which you could see the doctor’s/dentist room, USG machine, etc. All in interactive explanation. If you want to learn more, they also provide 3D Cinema which play a movie about human’s body.



I learned so much and had fun in this museum! I bet kids would also love to visit this museum. So, if you have some time to spend in Batu, Malang don’t forget to visit this museum, okay?

Around the World in Museum Angkut

I’ve been heard people raved about this museum so much. There are plenty pictures in Instagram which taken in this museum. So, I was curious because all the photos seems Instagramable! After visited the Bagong Adventure – Museum Tubuh, we went to Museum Angkut. It’s not really far from Museum Tubuh, but not walking distance.

Museum Angkut claim as the first modern transportation museum in Indonesia and Asia. So, I taught that I was just gonna see a lot of vehicle. But I was wrong! Museum Angkut is so much more than transportation. This museum also offers movie star studio concept, so you will get to see thematic scenic set. For the admission ticket price, please refer to this photos below as I get it from their official website.

Museum Angkut Admission Price

As I entered the area, there was this big hall which exhibited many kind of transportation, from helicopter, cart, motorcycle, bicycle, from time to time and all over the world. I was mesmerized by  their transportation collection! My parents was so happy, they couldn’t help but took pictures with each vehicle in this area.



The second area we visited was education zone which displays more vehicle, especially the traditional one like pedicab. In this area, visitor could also learn about science energy and the history of automobile. The education zone also have outdoor area where you could see more helicopter and plane. The outdoor area also serves cafe and several outdoor games. The third zone was Sunda Kelapa and Batavia Warehouse zone. Entering this area makes me feels like I went back to the Old Batavia. This area consist of Chinatown area, Kota train station and Sunda Kelapa port. All the details in this area was really similar with the original one!





After the Sunda Kelapa and Batavia zone, I entered another  zone, this one was Gangster Town and Broadway Street zone. I bet you all have seen photos of this area all over the instagram! In this area, you will find the set of old retro gas station, typical New York street, and the Broadway Theater building. This area was really crowded, so I couldn’t take proper photos. Oh, make sure to wait a for the parade in this area. The parade starts around 5 pm. There will be a parade of the vehicles, movie stars, and super heroes! Visitor could also take pictures with all the movie stars and superheroes.



After I watched the parade, I immediately moved to the next zone, the Europe zone. In this zone, you could see all the famous set from Italy (Venice, romantic cafes, flower market), France (short Eiffel Tower replica, cafe & brasserie, Germany (Berlin wall) and England (Mr. Bean car’s, the famous telephone box, plaform 9 3/4!, Harrods). All of the sets also displays famous car and motorcycle from each country. I really love this zone, since I am a big fan of anything Europe!






The United Kingdom even has its own zone, the Buckingham Palace zone. You will see the famous Buckingham Palace in this area, even only just the exterior, the gate, and the garden. But going inside the building, you will see a large exhibition area with gorgeous ceiling which displays classic English transportation, from Blackburn, Triumph, Royal Enfield, Rolls Royce, the famous double decker replica, etc. I also met Queen Elizabeth in this area :p




Outside the Buckingham Palace zone, there was the Las Vegas zone which represent the night life and the casino. Not far from the Las Vegas, there was Hollywood Zone where visitor could find a variety of cars used in the Hollywood films, like the Scooby Doo’s car, Ford Mustang, a long yellow limousine, and other cars. In this area, there were also a huge Hulk in the center of the zone. There’s also a CFC restaurant which look like an American diner. They really do pay attention to every little detail.


Out from the Hollywood zone, we reached the end of the museum. But, I decided to have dinner first at Pasar Apung. Pasar Apung is located at the end of the museum. There was so many merchant who sell souvenirs and foods. Visitor could also ride a canoe and sail around. The food are actually taste and the price was cheap. There was also this d’Topeng Kingdom around the Pasar Apung. d’Topeng Kingdom itself displays the cultural heritage of Indonesia. I didn’t have the chance to visit this area, because it was too late.

I really had fun at Museum Angkut. I took a lot of photos. The museum really well managed, clean, and have so many collections. When I back to Batu, I promise to visit Museum Angkut again. I really recommend you all to visit this museum!



8 thoughts on “Short Gateway in Malang: Museum Tubuh and Museum Angkut

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  2. hai, Navia!
    aku kuliah di malang dan sempet ngunjungin beberapa tempat wisata di situ. Museum Bagong emang wisata paing edukatif, aku yang udah kuliahan aja dapet banyak ilmu baru dari situ 😀 Museum Angkut emang cocok banget buat yang penggemar foto, ngga nyesel sih ke situ hihi.. Kalo ke malang lagi jangan lupa ke bakso presiden, mie setan, loe min toe cafe, sama ke jodipan, ngga nyesel deh kalo kesituu :3

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