Short Gateway in Malang: Omah Kayu


When I visited Malang last September, I didn’t only paid a visit to the famous Museum Angkut and Museum Tubuh, but also to Omah Kayu. Omah Kayu is one of Malang’s touristic destination located in Gunung Banyak, Batu, Malang. From Omah Kayu, fellow traveler could see the Batu from above. This location is also used as paragliding spot.

Omah Kayu is a perfect place to have some fresh air. I went there in the morning by car. It’s not really far from the Batu city center, just about 30 mins drive. To help me find the place, I use the Waze application. When I arrived in the morning, there’s not really many people around there. So it’s an advantage if you want to take any pictures without being disturbed by the crowd.


Before fellow traveler enter the location, you have to pay for the admission, about Rp 5.000/person. Affordable. I immediately chose one of the house tree to take pictures. Since it wasn’t crowded, so I could chose any house tree. There was about six tree house. All the tree house are also used as lodge, equipped by mattress, pillow, and cutlery. But, there’s only two bathrooms for six tree house, so you should share it with another guests. If I’m not mistaken, the rate is about Rp 350.000/lodge/night for weekday and Rp 450.000/lodge/night for weekend.


But if you don’t want to stay, you could take pictures in each of the tree house. Each of tree house has six people maximum capacity, for safety reason of course. So, all the visitors should queue outside the tree house to take photos. The scenery was very beautiful up there. Don’t forget to take as many photos for your Instagram page! Oh in the tree house area, there’s also a hammocks tree. You could ask the guard if you want to take photos there. But I think you should pay to take photos in the hammocks tree.



There was also other scenic spot outside the tree house area. It was a hill, I think it used by the paraglider to take off, since the hill was pretty high. You could also found a big Indonesian flag waves, you can use it to spice up your photos.



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