Where to Eat in Bogor?


Bogor recently had been my favorite city to escape. Situated just 2 hours away from Jakarta, I think Bogor is a perfect weekend gateway. Since Bogor has so many cafes, there are more reason for me to visit this what so called rain city. So here are some cafes that I have visited in Bogor:

Two Stories


I visited Two Stories at Saturday evening, which usually cafes will always filled with people. Although it took me about 15 mins to get a table. For people who are in the waiting list, they have to wait in the outdoor area. But don’t worry, there are plenty of seat so they could sit while waiting. There are also a big wall with mural, so people could take photos and didn’t get bored while waiting.

The cafe has an industrial concept, with red brick wall, mural, and dim lighting. I don’t really like the dim lightning, since I couldn’t take any proper photos. But I really like the concept because you could feel the retro industrial vibe. Also, the mural itself is a story of rabbit family. I also like their menu, because it was a like a story book which tells the story about the rabbits.



As for food, I ordered spicy mongolian beef served with Japanese rice. The beef was really tender with a crispy sensation, but the tasted was so so, nothing special. With the price, I expect the portion is bigger, since I was really hungry that time. I also ordered potato wedges and tom yum seafood. It was also tasted so so for me.



I think the best time to visit this cafe is in the afternoon, so you could take some photos. Since the interior was really photogenic. The cafe also have a cool rooftop area. So make sure to request a table in the rooftop area.

Two Stories Cafe – Jl. Pajajaran Indah 5 No. 7, Bogor Timur, Bogor.



I bet most of you has already heard about this cafe, since this cafe is the most happening place in Bogor. From I’ve heard, this cafe has a unique decoration. I proved it when I visited this cafe in Sunday afternoon, just right in the lunch time. The waiting list queue was really long. I have to wait about 45 mins to get the table. There was not much chair for the people to sit while waiting for their table.

The concept of the Lemongrass was modern kopi tiam. You could see the modern side from their interior, a mix between boho, colorful, and homey. There are three dining area, indoor, outdoor, and second floor. I personally liked the outdoor area, since there are pond, trees, and cozy chairs. But unfortunately, I didn’t get a table in the outdoor area.



For the menu, they really focusing on the kopi tiam concept.  I ordered bakpao telur asin, Lemongrass mango salad, nasi goreng yang chow, and Lemongrass banana split. The bakpao telur asin wasn’t really good, since the salted egg didn’t taste well. But, their mango salad and nasi goreng yang chow was really tasty!





Since I came in the hectic lunch time, the service wasn’t really good. I asked for a chopsticks but the waiter didn’t bring it until I asked for the third time. It also happen when I asked for a chili. My banana split order also came very late. But beside that, I will visit this cafe again sometimes, but of course not in the lunch or dinner time. Maybe brunch?

Lemongrass – Jl. Raya Pajajaran No. 21, Bogor Utara, Bogor.



Another recent happening place in Bogor! I actually visited Foresthree in Saturday night, around 8.30 pm. But too bad, the cafe was already close, even tough in their Instagram pages, it said close at 10 pm. So, I back at the Sunday afternoon because I was really curious. Before it, I called to reserve a table. Since there are no reserve method, so I just put my name to the waiting list through the phone call. When I arrived, I didn’t have to wait for a long time. After 10 mins waiting, I got my table.

My first impression of Foresthree was good, I really like the nature decoration. There are a big artificial tree inside the cafe. Some sofas covered in artificial grass, which were unique. There are also a playground for kids which also covered in artificial grass and artificial fruits to play with.

I ordered strawberry cheesecake smoothie bowl and four cheese mini pizza. The smoothie bowl was really really delicious! I don’t like fruit, but this one is an exception. It tasted really sweet and fresh at the same time. But the mini pizza tasted so-so, nothing special I think. I definitely go back to Foresthree to try another smoothie bowl!



Foresthree – Jl. Achmad Adnawijaya (Jl. Pandu Raya), Bogor Utara, Bogor.

Rumah Air Restaurant


Sumber: rumahairbogor.com

With a traditional concept, Rumah Air Restaurant is a perfect lunch spot for family. Not only a restaurant, there are also some activity for kids like ATV ride, puppet show, fishing, etc. There are so many traditional hut floating in the lake, which also use as the guest table. Guest could enjoy their food while relaxing and their kids feed the fishes.


Sumber: Das Group

I arrived at the lunch time and it was really full! We have to wait for an hour to get our table. The waiting list management wasn’t really good, because most of the people skip when their name called. So, I have to stand beside the staff to hear when they called my name.

Because there were my grandmother and my uncle, we have to choose their regular table (not the lake hut table). We ordered a lot of food, because it was my mom’s birthday feast. Some of dishes were cumi goreng tepung, gurame bakar cobek, tumis gencer, tumis kangkung, sop buntut, and tahu jeletot. Their cumi goreng tepung was really tender and tasty. Another shout out goes to their tahu jeletot, not because I am a fan of tahu, but it tasted delicious.

Their service was really slow, because it was a lunch time. The waiters looks confused and often skipped our order and request. There were three dishes we ordered that wasn’t made. But, overall their dishes were quite good.

Rumah Air Restaurant – Jl. Raya Boulevard CBD (inside Bogor Nirwana Residence), Bogor Selatan, Bogor.

PS: I forgot to capture the view and the food of Rumah Air Restaurant, so I use photos from their official website.



4 thoughts on “Where to Eat in Bogor?

  1. Hi Navia! Bogor is also my favorite city to escape.
    I have visited Lemongrass and Kedai Kita. After reading your post makes me want to try Two Stories & Foresthree. Thank you for sharing ^^

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