Finding Mosque & Halal Food in Beijing

Niujie Mosque

When I decided to go to Beijing, I have some concern about the food. From what I read in the internet, they said that it is kind of tricky to find halal food in Beijing. So, to avoid that I opt to brought some food supplies. Since I went there with another 5 people, so each people need to brought different kind of food. I, myself brought instant cream soup and dried anchovies. My friend brought instant sausage, corned beef, and meatball. And of course, all of us brought our favorite instant noodle and sachet beverages. All of the food is supplies was intended for breakfast and dinner, so we still need to find restaurants for lunch.

Since I arrived in Beijing on Friday, so all of the men need to do Friday prayer. I already research about mosque in Beijing and found this famous Mosque in Beijing, Niujie Mosque. It is located in Niujie area. If you take the metro, you have to get out exit C1 at Changchun Jie station, then continue with bus no. 10 for four stops. The mosque was surrounded with some of halal restaurant and supermarket. So, I decided to have a stop at the supermarket first to buy some foods.

Halal Supermarket Beijing

The supermarket named Niujie Halal Supermarket. They do really have a lot of variety of foods and other daily necessities. As the supermarket sells a lot of halal food, so I decided to bought some sausages, which looks really appealing with chili flakes on top (but it turns out the taste was really bad). I also bought some oreo, snacks, sachet drink, and instant noodles.


After that, we went to have a lunch at a halal restaurant, I forgot the name. Even tough it was crowded, we immediately got a table in the second floor. The waitress gave us the menu, but we don’t understand a bit of the text. Thank God, the menu also have picture. And also shoutout to my friend, Shippo who helped us with the language. We ordered a spicy mun tofu, a lamb dish, spicy beef stew, and kung pao chicken. All of the dishes came in a big portion, so you can share it with the others. By the way, the tastes was really so so, I think that Chinese in Indonesia are way better.

Mun Tofu Halal

Halal Beef Stew

Since our hunger fulfilled, we went to the mosque. They set an admission fee for the entrance, but I forgot how much it was, but I believe it was affordable. The mosque architectural’s based on traditional Chinese wooden palaces with the red signature, but it also have some Arabic-style decoration. It also have several pavilion with different function, such as prayer hall, woman prayer hall, library, etc. Also please note to wear a proper dress when you visit the mosque.

Niujie Mosque

Niujie Mosque Tower

Niujie Mosque Prayer Hall

Niujie Mosque Detail

Speaking about the halal food, I also found some a halal restaurant at Summer Palace area. It is located around the Beigongmen, exit D, right in the intersection to the road to Summer Palace. I also forgot the name, but you could see the big halal green sign. The restaurant had a really nice atmosphere. I order mun tahu again and beef noodle. This time, the taste was really good unlike the other restaurant in Niujie. I am happy!

Halal Food in Beijing

Halal Beef Noodle

If you are bored having Chinese food, you could go with McDonalds. Just order the fish or chicken burger or chicken nugget and fries. It was also fulfilled my stomach, when I had enough of Chinese food. I think that China’s McDonald was cheaper than Indonesia.

Well, finding halal food in Beijing could be tricky, since they did sell a lot of pork dishes. Language could be also the problem, since we had a hard time to ask them about the dishes. My solution is to print or type the halal word in Chinese. You could also use Google Translate to translate every words and show it to the sellers.

Here are some of the useful words to order food:

清真 = halal

鸡肉 = chicken

鱼肉 = fish

牛肉 = beef

羊肉 = lamb



5 thoughts on “Finding Mosque & Halal Food in Beijing

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  2. Boleh minta petunjuk lengkap ga? setelah exit D beigongmen restorannya belok ke mana, atau perempatan ke berapa? atau kalau mau ke Summer Palace pasti ngelewatin restoran tsb?

    • Halo, dari exit D itu belok kanan terus perempatan pertama, letaknya di sebelah kiri. Kalau arah Summer Palace dan Aman Resort belok kanan, ini restorannya di kiri.

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