Live Football Match Experience: FC Bayern Munchen in Singapore

International Champions Cup Singapore: FC Bayern vs FC Internazionale

If you know me for a long time, you must know that I love football. My favorite football team is Arsenal, I bet you know that. But, not many people know that my second favorite football team is FC Bayern Munchen. My love for FC Bayern grow because the team is from Germany, which I always wanted to visit. I also support Germany National Football Team in particular, so since that FC Bayern players are mostly German, so yeah.

I was so excited when I know that FC Bayern will come to Asia for their pre-season tour. My first option wasn’t to watch FC Bayern, but Arsenal in Shanghai. But since I just come back from Beijing months before, I think it would be a waste to spend another money to go that far, also I don’t have so many work leave to use. I then decided to go to Singapore for FC Bayern.

The problem is I have to find travel mates who also have interest to watch football. I asked my Chelsea supporter friend to come with me, but she turned down due to work schedule. I was so confused to find travel mate that I have to wrote a tweet, asking all my Twitter friends to come with me lol. My tweet was a success, two of my friends responded that they will go with me. Yes!

First thing first, I immediately bought the ticket right after the ticket was on sale. I bought five tickets, since I will be going with four other friends. I bought the category 3 ticket which cost SGD 72+/person. At first, I really want to watch FC Bayern vs Chelsea, because you know, Cesc Fabregas is my favorite football player ever. But, my friend was an Interesti, so I have to go with that if I want to continue this trip. I have no idea about FC Internazionale.

This is my second time going abroad for a football team. My first time was in 2011 when I went to Kuala Lumpur to watch Arsenal. When you spent your money to watch football abroad, you have to go extra. Extra for me means that I have to stalk them everywhere they go, I have to visit them in their hotel, go to their fan event, etc. I’ve searched anywhere for the info, but I found zero information.

I also skipped to visit their hotel, since I arrived late in Singapore and had no many energy to go stalk them. I saw from people’s Instagram that many people met the players in their hotel. I was so disappointed, but I have no choice. My only hope is to join the fan session in the stadium. Internet said that there will be fan session before the match.


In the day, I went out the hotel at 11 pm. I know it was early, but I want to eat lunch first at my most favorite Indian Malay restaurant in Singapore, Imam Banana Leaf at Kallang. I didn’t knew that Singapore National Stadium is just a walking distance from there. After fueling up the tummy, we walked to the stadium. The walking path was really empty and quiet, bet that not many people want to walk under the afternoon sun.

Walking to Singapore National Stadium from Kallang Station

I was so mesmerized with National Stadium, because it was so clean, tidy, and in order. It was match day, but until arrived there were just some people. Imagine it was in Gelora Bung Karno, it will be  full with people and street vendors since afternoon. I must admit that Singapore is a whole different level.

We couldn’t get in to the venue just yet, so we have to go wander around. We met some other Indonesian Interesti and decided to go to the fan arena. The fan zone was located in OCBC Square in Kallang Wave Mall. Since it still afternoon, the arena wasn’t packed yet. I started wander around to each team booth.

Bernie, the FC Bayern Mascot

FC Bayern Munchen provide a photo booth with the Bundesliga Cup and free tattoos. It said that there will be a legend player visiting the booth, so I started queue for the photo session. Turns out that the legendary player was Miroslav Klose. Oh my God, I am freaking out. Miroslav Klose is like my first favorite football player ever. I remember watch him played for the Germany NT in World Cup 2002. He was the reason I started watching football at the first place.

I patiently wait for him to arrive in the fan zone for about 2 hours. I queue alone, since Aji, my Interesti friend joined the FC Internazionale crowd to take a picture with the Champions League cup and the FC Internazionale legend, Diego Milito. Talitha then joined me later to queue for Miroslave Klose. The crowd was packed after Klose arrived.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I was so excited, like really excited when I got into the front row. Miroslav Klose is right in front of my eyes. After 16 years, I finally got to meet him in person! When it is my time to took the photo with him, I got to stand beside another-legendary-player-that-i-dont-know-that-I-think-he-is-not-even-a-player, instead of standing beside Klose. Talitha got the chance to stand beside him, so I thought after that I could stand beside him. But, the bodyguards asked us to be hurry and they even pulled us. I was so confused, so I asked Klose to signed my shirt.

The only proper photo of me & Miroslav Klose

I got no chance to have a proper picture with him. I don’t even get his signed photo card. I was really disappointed, but I have to deal with the reality. At least, I got my shirt signed.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

To ease my disappointment, I go to the FC Internazionale booth. I wanted to have a picture with the Champions League cup, but the queue was crazy. Not long after, Diego Milito arrived at the fan zone. I acted like a fan and started to take a lot of Instagram story lol.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

At 6pm, we decided to enter the venue. There were no single queue at the gate, we just entered the venue after self scanned our print-at-home ticket. I have to say that the stadium is amazing. There were some food stall inside the stadium, drinking fountain, clean toilet, and the most importantly is that all the attendees have to sit according to their seat number. Thank God that we got the best seat with a best view.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

The game was very exciting. I am rooted for FC Bayern Munchen, of course, but I thought there were not on their best performance that day. They must be exhausted after traveling around Australia and Asia, since Singapore is their last match before flew back to Munchen.

International Champions Cup: Bayern vs Inter

International Champions Cup: Bayern vs Inter

FC Bayern lost 2-0 to FC Internazionale that day. Another disappointment. But I was really happy to be able to watch my favorite football team in live. Can’t wait to watch them in their home ground, Allianz Arena.

International Champions Cup: Bayern vs Inter

Bonus: bumped into Diego Milito the next at Marina Bay Sands, managed to took a selfie

Diego Milito


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