Moving to Istanbul

Moving to Istanbul

So, I’m writing this blog post from my dorm room in Istanbul, Turkey. I moved to this city, 3 weeks ago. Long story short, I got the Turkiye Burslari Scholarship from the Turkish Government. It was like a dream come true because I always wanted to study abroad. Turkey is not my first choice to study, but over all the scholarship I applied, I got accepted in here first, so I decided to take it.

I wanted to go on a new challenge, new life, and having a new perspective. I decided to left everything behind in Jakarta, my job, my friends, and my family. It was all so sudden. From the time I received my acceptance e-mail, I only have 2 months to be prepared. That 2 months I used it to met all my friends, my lecturer, and eat all my favorite Indonesian foods lol.

Life in Istanbul

As a scholarship holder, my flight to Istanbul was covered and also my accommodation there. I arrived in Istanbul on 28 November 2017 and immediately went to the dorm (yurt). My yurt located somewhere near the Istanbul Atatürk airport, but quite far from downtown.

If you ask me about how’s the yurt condition, I must say that I got a really nice yurt! It was actually a hotel that turns into a dorm. The room is actually a hotel room. I got everything I need here. WiFi, nice bed, clean ambiance, personal desk, wardrobe, and bathroom with bathtub. The other facilities are laundry room, iron, and they gave all the students free breakfast and dinner.

Other thing that I am grateful that I got really nice roommates. They are Diana from Kazakhstan and Ehlimana from Bosnia. They are really nice, pretty, and caring. My Indonesian friends, Sara and Ratu plus Kak Elena from Malaysia is on the front door. They even throw me a birthday surprise with pizza dan gift! Thank God I am surrounded with nice people.

For the first week after I arrived in this city, I did so many things. From language course registration, university registration, made student transportation card, phone card, bank account, etc. Even tough I really tired at first, I really enjoyed all the process. I learned a new things everyday.

For the first year, I need to learn Turkish first before I go to the graduate school. I got placed in Istanbul Universitesi Dil Merkezi. My classmates and teachers are also really nice. I found Turkish really different from Bahasa, so it will be hard for me, but I tried to study everyday, because I will use this language in everyday life and for academic purposes.

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I got placed in Istanbul Ticaret Universitesi or Istanbul Commerce University. The campus was just established in 2005 (if I’m not mistaken) but they got a really nice campus. I will continue my master study in Media and Communication System next year, Insya Allah.

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It almost a month and I really enjoyed living here. I don’t really have a problem with everything. I like the foods, except the breakfast because they always served bread, jam, olive, tomatoes, cheese and cucumber every morning. I like the transportation system, even tough it sometimes really crowded in rush hour. I like my dorm, my class, and everything here.

I will be living in this city for at least 3 years. Hopefully everything will goes just like my plan. I will write more blog post about this city, Turkey, or any other European countries. Oh yes, I have many plan to visit some other European countries.



2 thoughts on “Moving to Istanbul

  1. Vi, banyakin posting blog yaa. Pengen liat Turki supaya bisa ke sana nanti haha. Anyway, makanannya enak-enak kan di sana ya jadi pasti lu gak bermasalah 😀

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