Meet the Traveler


Hello travelers!

It’s Navia, the author of this (self-proclaimed) travel blog. Been living in Jakarta since 23 years ago, but now currently living in Istanbul. Learning Türkçe on weekday and an Arsenal fan on the weekend, traveling in between. A journalism graduate and about to start study master in the same area. Thinking to be one of the well known football or travel journalist (can I get an amen?)

Been traveling since I was a baby. Thanks to my parents that introduce me to the beauty of traveling. I am the type of traveler who plan everything in detail before going anywhere else. Haven’t visited that many countries yet, but it is on the list.

Travel and Word is my passion project that started on 2014. Since then, I write my travel stories here. Not the kind of fancy travel blog who got million visitors, but that’s not gonna stop me. I hope that this blog could help you to plan your travel, encourage you to travel, or just to fulfil your curiosity of other part of the world.





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