Review: Regalia Suites Kuala Lumpur

Hotel Review

Since I booked a flight ticket to Kuala Lumpur, I immediately browse for the accommodation. I planned this trip to be a slow one, which doesn’t have exact itineraries so that is why decent accommodation is important as I just want to spend most of my times in the hotel. Then a post about Regalia Suites Kuala Lumpur popped up in a travel forum I joined in Facebook.

Apparently, Regalia Suites is popular amongst the group’s member. There are so many positive reviews about the property in the group. It is basically an apartment complex and the owner are renting their apartment unit. I think you can find that is personally managed by the owner in Airbnb or the one that is managed professionally by the hotel management in sites like Booking, Agoda, and Traveloka.

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Short Gateway in Malang: Museum Tubuh and Museum Angkut


Last September, my cousin was having a wedding reception in Surabaya, East Java. Even though it was out of town, I decided to came because I was so tired at work and needed some time away. I asked for two days off, then flew to Surabaya. The wedding was held at Thursday, so I had 3 days to spare before going back to reality. We decided to go to Batu, Malang.

We (me and my parents) went to Malang on Friday afternoon and arrived around 5 pm. After reached Batu, I immediately open pegipegi on my phone browser, because I haven’t book a room yet. I really like to use everywhere I went travel, because the hotel price was cheaper compare to others (beside, you could also get a cash reward!). You could find so many hotels in just one two tap. After browsing around, I chose to stay in Kartika Wijaya Heritage Hotel.

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Review: The Westin Hotel, Jakarta


One weekend, me and my family decided to stay at The Westin Jakarta, because my cousin was getting married there. She opened us a room so we could stay the night before the wedding. I was so eager to spend the night in Westin because it was a brand new hotel. Everything new is always nice, right?

The hotel is built in the Gama Tower. So, all the guest have to take the access from The Gama Tower lobby and take the Westin lift to their sky lobby in 52nd floor. The sky lobby was stunning with big panoramic window, beautiful  classic furniture, and high ceilings. Since, I got the room in 56th floor, I have to take another lift.

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Review: The Sahira Hotel, Bogor


Setelah libur idul fitri kemarin (well I know it was months ago), saya dan keluarga memutuskan untuk berlibur sebentar ke Bogor. Selain silaturahmi ke rumah Om yang memang berdomisili di Bogor, kami memilih Bogor karena ingin cafe hopping, karena sekarang Bogor cukup terkenal dengan cafe yang lucu-lucu. Rencana awalnya memang pengen glamping, tapi sayangnya resort yang kami mau sudah full booked. Jadi, saya harus mencari alternatif lain.

Setelah browsing di, saya menemukan The Sahira Hotel. Lokasinya di Jalan Ahmad Yani, jadi tidak terlalu jauh dari pusat kota dan Jalan Padjajaran yang banyak cafe itu. Akhirnya, kami pun memilih deluxe twin room dengan harga Rp 850.000 untuk semalam. Harga tersebut sudah termasuk pajak dan breakfast untuk dua orang.

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