My Ultimate Lifetime Travel Bucket List

Bucket List

As a self proclaim traveler, I do have tons of travel bucket list that I hope I could cross it off all before I died. It includes with places I want to visit, activities I want to do, or just food I want to try.

So, here’s the list and we’ll see if I could cross it off one by one 🙂

  • Going to Europe. It is my ultimate lifetime bucketlist. I know I want to visit Europe since I was a little kid, it was because of my Mom obsessions, so yeah like mother like daughter. I actually went to Europe on Jan 2015, but it was a tiny bity part of Europe, which is Istanbul. So I guess I’m not offically on Europe yet :p
  • Go on a mountain hike! I always wanted to hike since I watched 5cm (hmm what a follower). The lavender field, the bonfire in front of camp, the starry milky way above, the clear water, the white clouds, and the struggle to be on top are what I always imagining about mountain hike. But I don’t know if I can make it because I’m such a fat person and I know it will be difficult for me to go hiking.
  • Being alone in the airplanes. Or being on the airplane when it raining. Yes, I have that weird desire – Both are off the list! I went alone to Surabaya and it was raining really hard.
  • Bungee jumping! I actually don’t know if I’m brave enough to do this thing, but I don’t have fear on height, so I guess I will try this someday. And when I finally try it, I want it to do it in Macau Tower.
  • Cliff jumping in Nusa Ceningan, Bali.
  • Swim with sharks
  • Have a dive license. I plan to have a diving lesson in the near future.
  • Laying on the grass in front of Eiffel Tower, in the night, spring breeze, starring at the stars, while my mouth munching cheese.
  • EMIRATES STADIUM! Watching the Gunners play, go on the stadiums tour, shopping at The Armoury, and meet the players & staffs. And I always wanted to be the season ticket holder. God, please make it happen.
  • Shopping like there’s no tomorrow in the States!
  • Go to all the Disneyland in the world! I went to Hongkong Disneyland when I was in junior high and I had a total blast. Also been to Tokyo Disneysea on Oct 2015. So, how many more to go?
  • Go on a safari in Africa
  • Try any kind of snow sports
  • Witnessing Aurora-Borealis in Norway
  • London city tour with double decker and take a pic in front of Big Ben
  • Go on a road trip in Europe or US
  • Have a fancy tea time in Laduree Paris
  • Try the famous Belgian waffles & chocolates
  • Be on a Gondola ride in Venezia. I was on the Gondola ride in Venetian Macau, the paddler was singing seriosa just like they do in Venezia and it’s quite beautiful even on the fake Venezia
  • Watch some play in Broadway
  • Have a walk in the middle of the rain in New York
  • Throw a coin in Trevi Fountain
  • Take a photo in Holland traditional costume with the real windmills background
  • Being a solo traveler!
  • Watch famous music festival like Coachella & Loolapalooza
  • Cross the Shibuya crossing cross the Shibuya crossing off the list!
  • Stay in an high-end hotel in Dubai
  • Take a photo in front of Pyramid and Sphinx
  • GO ON UMROH & HAJJ. Praying in front of Ka’bah and kiss the Hajar Aswat
  • Stay in a silent village somewhere in England or France
  • Ride a red vespa in Rome
  • Meet Monalisa in Musee du Louvre
  • Try to gamble when in Vegas. For fun’s sake :p
  • Picnic under blooming Sakura
  • Meet K-Stars in Seoul – I do met some group of men in N Seoul Tower, they were there to shot some clip and people scream at them, so maybe they are K-Stars?
  • Visit Moluccas & North Moluccas. Been on Moluccas when I was baby and elementary kid, so I just remember a bit of its beauty
  • Stepping on the 0 KM monument in Aceh & stepping on the equator monument in Borneo
  • Swim with jelly fishes in Derawan
  • Trekking to Macchu Pichu
  • Live the island life in Hawaii
  • Visit the Edensor village in England (famously known as the inspiration behind Andrea Hirata’s Edensor)
  • Fall in love in Santorini. Just like in The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants.
  • Go to famous football stadiums in Europe. Emirates, Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou, San Siro, Anfield, Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford, Allianz Arena, Wembley, etc.
  • Sail the Mediterranean Sea on a cruise ride
  • Swim in the dead sea
  • Trekking in the Great Wall of Chinacross the Great Wall of China off the list!
  • Camping in the middle of desert and try the sandboarding
  • Ride the Rocky Mountaineer Train
  • Visit World Cup Stadium anywhere in the world – visit one of the World Cup Stadium in Seoul
  • Museum hopping in New York. Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, American Museum of Natural History, you name it all
  • Snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef
  • Take a pic in front of Taj Mahal with Bunda
  • Be a total Potterhead in Wizarding World of Harry Potter & Harry Potter Studio Tour – cross my Wizarding World of Harry Potter off the list!
  • Get (more) tanned in Maldives
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Watching World Cup 2018 in Russia
  • Blow a bag pipe in the Scotland
  • Spend summer in California
  • Eat pasta, gelato, and pizza, when in Rome
  • Go to Sheffield, home of the mighty Arctic Monkeys
  • Channeling Grace Kelly in Palais du Prince, Monaco
  • Do a morning jog in Central Park, New York
  • Stay in Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Well, let’s hope that I could cross off all the places from the list before I die.And btw, I’m gonna add some more places to this bucket list. Hope you are inspired with my bucket list 😛


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