Review: Regalia Suites Kuala Lumpur

Hotel Review

Since I booked a flight ticket to Kuala Lumpur, I immediately browse for the accommodation. I planned this trip to be a slow one, which doesn’t have exact itineraries so that is why decent accommodation is important as I just want to spend most of my times in the hotel. Then a post about Regalia Suites Kuala Lumpur popped up in a travel forum I joined in Facebook.

Apparently, Regalia Suites is popular amongst the group’s member. There are so many positive reviews about the property in the group. It is basically an apartment complex and the owner are renting their apartment unit. I think you can find that is personally managed by the owner in Airbnb or the one that is managed professionally by the hotel management in sites like Booking, Agoda, and Traveloka.

I booked mine through Traveloka and it was on promotion. It was a good deal tho, considering all the facilities. LIKE A JACKPOT DEALS!

Okay the first thing that got me was the access to the apartment complex. They got an exclusive highway to get people to the apartment from the main road. Though the location is not in the city center, it is still easy to access and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get you to the city center. Sunway Putra Mall is just next to the mall and the train station is next to the mall to get you anywhere in Kuala Lumpur. Most of GrabCar also familiar with the apartment, so you don’t have to be bothered explaining the location while booking one.

There are quite a few towers in the complex. When I got there, I was confused about which one I booked, since there is no exact explanation in the booking itinerary, so I asked the security. The lobby was neatly decorated with few rattan chairs and big receptionist desks. They also offered infused water welcome drink to refreshen you up. The bellboy was also helpful, explaining Kuala Lumpur and all to us.

Regalia Apartment - Lobby

The path to the elevator is a bit odd tho, since we have to go to ‘staff only’ pathway. I don’t know why they put staff only sign, while all the guests use that door to go to the elevator. The tower got 47 floors and the elevator didn’t accommodate that. There was only 4 unit elevator and it took so long to get to our desired floor. I think they really have to improve the elevator since they got so many guests and residence.

Now let’s talk about the apartment unit. I LOVE IT! It was super worth it with the money you paid. The unit was so spacious and it got everything you need there. The unit I booked was a 2 room unit since I traveled with my family. They said it accommodates 4 people, but really I think 8 people could get into the apartment, LOL. Ok, so let’s start with the main room.

Regalia Apartment - Room2

The main room was big equipped with closet, tv, working desk, and bathroom. The bed was big and comfortable. The bathroom is ok. You can also find an iron and ironing table in the closet. We put all of our luggage in the closet and it is still feel spacious. One thing to be improved is the lack of electric sockets in the room (and the whole apartment). Should be each in every side of the bed right? 😛

Regalia Apartment - Room

The other room was not really big. Only bed and a built-in wardrobe. It felt a little bit incapacious, but it was ok because you can always spend your time in the living room. I love love love the living room! It was so spacious, big, roomy, comfortable, you name it. I really like the big glass window, overlooking the city. If you peek a little bit, you can see the Kuala Lumpur Tower from the living room’s window.

Regalia Apartment - Living Room2

Regalia Apartment - Living Room

Regalia Apartment - View from Room

There was tv as well in the living, but I am not really checking the tv, so I don’t know what channels they got. Plus point, they also have aircon in the living room, so if you want to sleep in the living room it is totally fine since the sofa is a sofa bed! Another work desk is also in the living room along with the WiFi router. Talking about WiFi, they got a fast connection, but the password changes every 24 hours, so during your check-in, the receptionist gives you the WiFi passwords.

Regalia Apartment - Desk

What I also love about the apartment is they got a really big mirror. You know, in the interior 101, mirror really space up the room. The dining room (with 6 chairs and a big table) is in between the living room and kitchen, without any divider, so it felt really roomy.

Regalia Apartment - Dining Room

The kitchen is so big with an island! They got a 4 burner stove, microwave, water boiler, and complete kitchen utensils. I think you could really cook decent meals in the kitchen. Next to the kitchen is a small washing room. Oh, another thing to improve, the apartment did not have a drying room so it was a bit problem when I wanted to dry my clothes, so I just hang the clothes here and there.

Regalia Apartment - Kitchen2

Regalia Apartment - Kitchen

Regalia Apartment - Washing Room

Now let’s talk about the highlight of the apartment, the infinity pool! It is located on the 37th floor, so it takes quite some time to get to the highest level (remember what I told you about the elevator). But I think it is worth it to take a peek to the infinity pool, because who doesn’t love infinity pool, right? The view from there is exquisite! You can see clearly the Kuala Lumpur Tower and the Petronas Twin Tower and other skyscrapers between them. But since I stayed at the weekend, so the pool is always full. A bit tip, go swim at 7 am when the door to the pool just opened. My parents did that and they said only a few people swam that morning. Since I didn’t bring any swimsuit, so I just enjoy the beautiful view from the pool (both in the day and night, because nobody can resist the view!)

Regalia Apartment - Infinity Pool2

Regalia Apartment - Infinity Pool

To sum up, I really like the apartment. It was clean, affordable, spacious, and complete with everything you need. I think if I visit Kuala Lumpur again, I won’t go to any hotel beside Regalia Suites. I even think about bringing my big families and friends to go here. I definitely recommend Regalia Suites to you, fellow travelers! But make sure you find the right apartment because every unit is different.



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