Short Gateway in Malang: Omah Kayu


When I visited Malang last September, I didn’t only paid a visit to the famous Museum Angkut and Museum Tubuh, but also to Omah Kayu. Omah Kayu is one of Malang’s touristic destination located in Gunung Banyak, Batu, Malang. From Omah Kayu, fellow traveler could see the Batu from above. This location is also used as paragliding spot.

Omah Kayu is a perfect place to have some fresh air. I went there in the morning by car. It’s not really far from the Batu city center, just about 30 mins drive. To help me find the place, I use the Waze application. When I arrived in the morning, there’s not really many people around there. So it’s an advantage if you want to take any pictures without being disturbed by the crowd.

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Short Gateway in Malang: Museum Tubuh and Museum Angkut


Last September, my cousin was having a wedding reception in Surabaya, East Java. Even though it was out of town, I decided to came because I was so tired at work and needed some time away. I asked for two days off, then flew to Surabaya. The wedding was held at Thursday, so I had 3 days to spare before going back to reality. We decided to go to Batu, Malang.

We (me and my parents) went to Malang on Friday afternoon and arrived around 5 pm. After reached Batu, I immediately open pegipegi on my phone browser, because I haven’t book a room yet. I really like to use everywhere I went travel, because the hotel price was cheaper compare to others (beside, you could also get a cash reward!). You could find so many hotels in just one two tap. After browsing around, I chose to stay in Kartika Wijaya Heritage Hotel.

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