The Beauty of Edirne, Former Capital of Ottoman Empire

Edirne Blog Post

Been living in Istanbul for 6 months, I often mistaken the city of Edirne to Edirnekapı, a district in Istanbul. Apparently Edirne lies 224km away from Istanbul and has so many histories. It all started on 125 CE when a Roman emperor, Hadrian built the city and named it Hadrianopolis after his name. But Edirne is known as the capital city of Ottomans Empire for 90 years, before Sultan Mehmed II moved the capital to Constantinople (now Istanbul).

Since I live in Turkey, traveling to Edirne was never crossed my mind, until my friend asked me to join a one day trip managed by Masyarakat Indonesia Istanbul (Indonesian Society in Istanbul). Because of the affordable cost, I immediately said yes. We rent a private bus and the 3 hours trip wasn’t boring, because we had fun singing and get to know each other.

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The Day I Met FC Bayern Munchen Team & (Almost) Watched Champions League

Champions League - Besiktas vs Bayern Munchen

I notice that most people have two favorite football team that they support. The first one is the team that they support undoubtedly, watch the match every weekend, and go crazy about it. The second one is the team that they support because of certain players or just because supporting only one team is not enough. For me, the first is Arsenal and the second is FC Bayern München.

To be honest, I forgot when is exactly my support for FC Bayern grew. But I know clearly why I love this team. Because I like Germany National Football Team and most of the FC Bayern players are also play for Germany NT, so yes that was one of the reason. The other reason is because Miroslav Klose and Philipp Lahm, I love to see them played with FC Bayern. But with or without them, it is always a pleasure to watch FC Bayern plays.

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Turkiye Burslari 101 (Beasiswa Pemerintah Turki)

expand your horizons

Kak kok bisa kuliah di Turki? Kak kenapa pilih kuliah di Turki? Kak bagaimana caranya biar bisa dapat beasiswa? Kak tips dan triknya dong kak? Begitulah kira-kira beberapa jenis pertanyaan yang saya terima semenjak saya mendapatkan beasiswa Turkiye Burslari alias YTB. Pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu sebisa mungkin saya jawab. Tapi sekarang saya memutuskan untuk menulis pengalaman saya mengenai beasiswa YTB ini di blog, biar lebih lengkap dan lebih banyak orang yang baca. Selain itu biar traffic blog ini agak naik dikit lah 😛

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Reminiscing History in Eyup & Pierre Loti

Reminiscing History in Eyup and Pierre Loti

Centuries ago when the Ottoman Turks successfully conquest Constantinople, Eyup was their first Turkish settlement. Located just outside the city walls and near the Golden Horn, Eyup has a perfect location, then and now. The name Eyup itself comes from Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, a friend of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Fast forward to 21st centuries, I happened to lived in the Constantinople, which have changed the name to Istanbul. On the sunny day of my winter break, I went there and explore the area as I reminisced the history.

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Playing Snow and Ski at Uludag

Playing (1)

Winter break is coming! I got a week off from the boring routine of school and decided to visit Bursa and its famous snowy mountain, Uludağ or Great Mountain. In the ancient time, Uludağ was called Mysian Olympos. The other name of Uludağ was Keşiş Dağı means ‘Mountain of the Monks’ because the mountain served as hermitage to Christian monks.

Since I live in Istanbul, Uludağ is just a vapur (ferry) away. To get there, I need to go to Bursa first, but wait for my story about Bursa. To reach Uludağ, just take buses from city centre to Bursa Tefferüç station and take the teleferik (cable car) to Uludağ ski resort. Bursa Teleferik is 9km long and the longest cable car line in Turkey and the world world. It costs 38TL for round trip journey, but if you have Turkish student card, you could get discount to 27TL.

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Art Museum in Istanbul

Art Museum - Istanbul

I like to visit museum since I was young. But not gonna lie, since the Instagram day I visit museum more often and take some photos for the sake’s of my feeds. But hey, I also take some time to appreciate the work and trying to understand it. Since my moved to Istanbul, every weekend (if I am not lazy) I Googled on what place should I visit. Google came up with so many art museum suggestion. 3 months living in the city, I’ve visited 3 different art museum.

İstanbul Modern

This is the first art museum I visited in Istanbul. I knew this place from an exhibition advertisement poster in the bus stop. It was the advertisement for The 15th Istanbul Biennial. I then Google it and registered for the exhibition. Istanbul Modern was one of the three exhibition venue for the event. I chose to visit Istanbul Modern because it was Turkey’s first museum of modern art.

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Dolmabahce Palace: Relic of the Ottoman Empire

Dolmabahce Palace

I am a fan of anything related to royal things; princess, prince, and the palaces. This royal things always fascinated me. I always dream of visiting Palace of Versailles in France and Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. I get excited to know more about the story behind the palaces and imagining how it looked like when real royal family still lived there.

So as a student who live in Turkey, I have the chance to visit some of the palaces. Turkey was known of its Ottoman Empire. Two of the most famous palaces are Topkapi Palace and Dolmabahce Palace. I’ve been to Topkapi Palace when I visited Istanbul back in 2015. The Topkapi Palace is not as luxurious as other palace, but this palace gave me this emotional feelings. But this time, I am going to tell about the Dolmabahce Palace.

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Moving to Istanbul

Moving to Istanbul

So, I’m writing this blog post from my dorm room in Istanbul, Turkey. I moved to this city, 3 weeks ago. Long story short, I got the Turkiye Burslari Scholarship from the Turkish Government. It was like a dream come true because I always wanted to study abroad. Turkey is not my first choice to study, but over all the scholarship I applied, I got accepted in here first, so I decided to take it.

I wanted to go on a new challenge, new life, and having a new perspective. I decided to left everything behind in Jakarta, my job, my friends, and my family. It was all so sudden. From the time I received my acceptance e-mail, I only have 2 months to be prepared. That 2 months I used it to met all my friends, my lecturer, and eat all my favorite Indonesian foods lol.

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Mesmerizing Istanbul


Perjalanan saya di Turki pun berlanjut ke Istanbul, kota dengan penduduk terbanyak di Turki. Bahkan karena saking terkenalnya Istanbul, kota ini sering disalah pahami sebagai ibukota Turki. Padahal ibukota Turki adalah Ankara.

Sebenarnya, saat pertama kali menjejakkan kaki di Turki, saya mendarat di Istanbul Ataturk Airport di kota Istanbul. Namun karena schedule tur, saya harus mengelilingi kota lain dulu dan kemudian mampir di Istanbul semalam sebelum kembali ke Jakarta lewat bandara yang sama.

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The Breathtaking Cappadocia


Saya sudah lama bercita-cita pengen ke Cappadocia. Kenapa? Tentu saja karena pengen naik balon udara. Awalnya, saya cuma tau Cappadocia karena it is famous for its hot air balloon destination. But, Cappadocia is so much more than hot air balloon...

Perjalanan saya ke Cappadocia dimulai dari kota Pamukkale. Meskipun perjalanan yang cukup lama, yaitu sekitar 15 jam, tapi saya tidak merasakan lelah sama sekali. Mungkin karena excited dan juga mampir-mampir di destinasi wisata di sepanjang rute menuju Cappadocia. Saya sempat mampir ke kota Dinar dan nyicip opium seed yoghurt. Etsss, jangan salah paham dulu, katanya opium yang diolah jadi yoghurt itu legal karena belum diolah dan tidak mengandung zat-zat berbahaya. Rasanya? Asem.

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