Finding Mosque & Halal Food in Beijing

Niujie Mosque

When I decided to go to Beijing, I have some concern about the food. From what I read in the internet, they said that it is kind of tricky to find halal food in Beijing. So, to avoid that I opt to brought some food supplies. Since I went there with another 5 people, so each people need to brought different kind of food. I, myself brought instant cream soup and dried anchovies. My friend brought instant sausage, corned beef, and meatball. And of course, all of us brought our favorite instant noodle and sachet beverages. All of the food is supplies was intended for breakfast and dinner, so we still need to find restaurants for lunch.

Since I arrived in Beijing on Friday, so all of the men need to do Friday prayer. I already research about mosque in Beijing and found this famous Mosque in Beijing, Niujie Mosque. It is located in Niujie area. If you take the metro, you have to get out exit C1 at Changchun Jie station, then continue with bus no. 10 for four stops. The mosque was surrounded with some of halal restaurant and supermarket. So, I decided to have a stop at the supermarket first to buy some foods.

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Applying for Chinese Visa in Jakarta


As I’m going to Beijing this March, so I need to immediately apply for the Chinese visa. As for Indonesian, we need to apply for the visa if you want to visit the mainland China. First thing first, I started to Google to find out about all the requirements. I stumbled upon their official visa application center website. I spent hour carefully read about the visa requirement.

So basically, Chinese visa doesn’t require as many documents as the other visa requirement. You just need this:

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Short Gateway in Malang: Omah Kayu


When I visited Malang last September, I didn’t only paid a visit to the famous Museum Angkut and Museum Tubuh, but also to Omah Kayu. Omah Kayu is one of Malang’s touristic destination located in Gunung Banyak, Batu, Malang. From Omah Kayu, fellow traveler could see the Batu from above. This location is also used as paragliding spot.

Omah Kayu is a perfect place to have some fresh air. I went there in the morning by car. It’s not really far from the Batu city center, just about 30 mins drive. To help me find the place, I use the Waze application. When I arrived in the morning, there’s not really many people around there. So it’s an advantage if you want to take any pictures without being disturbed by the crowd.

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Short Gateway in Malang: Museum Tubuh and Museum Angkut


Last September, my cousin was having a wedding reception in Surabaya, East Java. Even though it was out of town, I decided to came because I was so tired at work and needed some time away. I asked for two days off, then flew to Surabaya. The wedding was held at Thursday, so I had 3 days to spare before going back to reality. We decided to go to Batu, Malang.

We (me and my parents) went to Malang on Friday afternoon and arrived around 5 pm. After reached Batu, I immediately open pegipegi on my phone browser, because I haven’t book a room yet. I really like to use everywhere I went travel, because the hotel price was cheaper compare to others (beside, you could also get a cash reward!). You could find so many hotels in just one two tap. After browsing around, I chose to stay in Kartika Wijaya Heritage Hotel.

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Review: The Westin Hotel, Jakarta


One weekend, me and my family decided to stay at The Westin Jakarta, because my cousin was getting married there. She opened us a room so we could stay the night before the wedding. I was so eager to spend the night in Westin because it was a brand new hotel. Everything new is always nice, right?

The hotel is built in the Gama Tower. So, all the guest have to take the access from The Gama Tower lobby and take the Westin lift to their sky lobby in 52nd floor. The sky lobby was stunning with big panoramic window, beautiful  classic furniture, and high ceilings. Since, I got the room in 56th floor, I have to take another lift.

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Review: The Sahira Hotel, Bogor


Setelah libur idul fitri kemarin (well I know it was months ago), saya dan keluarga memutuskan untuk berlibur sebentar ke Bogor. Selain silaturahmi ke rumah Om yang memang berdomisili di Bogor, kami memilih Bogor karena ingin cafe hopping, karena sekarang Bogor cukup terkenal dengan cafe yang lucu-lucu. Rencana awalnya memang pengen glamping, tapi sayangnya resort yang kami mau sudah full booked. Jadi, saya harus mencari alternatif lain.

Setelah browsing di, saya menemukan The Sahira Hotel. Lokasinya di Jalan Ahmad Yani, jadi tidak terlalu jauh dari pusat kota dan Jalan Padjajaran yang banyak cafe itu. Akhirnya, kami pun memilih deluxe twin room dengan harga Rp 850.000 untuk semalam. Harga tersebut sudah termasuk pajak dan breakfast untuk dua orang.

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Gapyeong City Tour: Nami Island & Petite France

nami path

If you are in Seoul and about to have an escape to somewhere more quiet, then Gapyeong is the perfect place for you. The city is surrounded by beautiful landscape, mountains and river. In winter, the city will be more beautiful as the snow covers. Gapyeong is not really far from Seoul, just about an hour train ride from the downtown Seoul. I went to Gapyeong to visit the famous Nami Island and Petite France.

For you the K-Drama lovers, you must be familiar about Winter Sonata. As for me, I remember this drama back when I was in elementary school, but never a fan. But I must be have take a look at this drama, because I remember that the drama’s screenplay was beautiful. Taken somewhere in the wintery South Korea and the location was just really dreamy.

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Back to the Joseon Dynasty


Rasanya ga lengkap kalau jalan-jalan ke suatu negara tapi ga mampir ke historical places. Saat saya ke Korea Selatan Februari kemarin, saya juga menyempatkan diri untuk mampir ke beberapa historical places di Seoul. Korea Selatan memang terkenal dengan sejarah kerajaannya dulu. Apalagi ditambah K-Drama yang banyak menceritakan sejarah Korea, saya jadi makin penasaran deh untuk wisata sejarah di Seoul.

Wisata sejarah saya di Seoul di mulai dari Gyeongbokgung Palace. Untuk mencapai Gyeongbokgung Palace, fellow traveler harus menaiki subway ke Gyeongbokgung Palace Station. Suasana stasiunnya sendiri sudah kental dengan nuansa dinasti Korea jaman dahulu. Ada banyak artefak, mural, dan installation art di dalam stasiun ini. Sambil menghangatkan tubuh, saya memutuskan untuk foto-foto dulu.

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